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Knife Throwing Clubs

Listed below are a few throwing organizations. They all offer something different, from annual competitions, to contests, or newsletters. Best of all, you get to be a part of something you really enjoy, along with other people who share the same "zeal for throwing steel" as you do.

And you usually get a cool patch and membership card when you join too! Just be sure to contact the club before signing up to find out exactly what you get for your money. Ask any questions you may have and they'll be happy to answer them for you. Best of luck and have fun!

Feathers and Steel (Montgomery, AL)
"I own a martial arts school in Montgomery, Alabama. We currently have about 30 members who practice knife throwing as part of our martial art. We would like to invite anyone from our area who would like to throw knives with us to please contact us. We have several tournaments set for our school as well but anyone is welcome to come join the fun. We can be contacted at or Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts Center (334) 271-2228." - Bill Page

Team Bakido Knife Throwing Club (Austin, TX)
We are excited about your interest and look forward to you coming and joining our club. All are welcome! The cost is only $65 a year for membership. Range times can be booked by calling a South Austin Karate staff member at (512) 280-0611. Maximum range time per session is 2 hours. Maximum of 4 people per range. Throwing lessons for new and existing members are available.

Carolina Bladeslingers (Triangle Area, NC)
We are a non-profit club dedicated to the sport of throwing edged and/or pointed weapons (including knives, tomahawks, axes, spikes, etc.), open to all interested persons. We endorse and support the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame Association Members are encouraged to join this organization, participate in the IKTHOFA ranking system, and attend regional and national championships.

Regular throwing sessions are on the second Sunday of every month (beginning in September 2005) from 1-4 pm, at the range of one of the members on a rotating basis. Contact Dr. Jay Dunbar [email: drjay(ďatĒ symbol) or 919-968-3936 for information.] -
Thanks! Signed, "Mr. Clean"

European Throwing Club "Flying Blades"

The EuroThrowers club unites European knife throwers and axe throwers. Our goal is to make the communication between throwers from all about Europe easier, to assist people in organizing events, and to promote the sport. There is an active mailing list for the members to chat, and we take care that each year there is a Big Throwers Meeting in a different country as a place for the community to meet, throw and have fun. The members come from various countries, currently mainly from France and Germany. For more information visit:

Knife & Hawk Throwing In The UK
The meeting and info point for UK Knife Throwers. Lots of good info here!

CCKH (Cedar Creek Knife and Hawk Club)
The club's main purpose is to teach and promote the art of mountain man style knife and tomahawk throwing. The club's main annual event is hosting the Texas State Knife and Hawk Championships in Malakoff, TX. We are always looking for new members who are interested in learning the art of throwing in a safe and controlled manner. For more information contact - Chuck Weems, President of CCKH, at or (903)677-3581.

Highland Hurlers - Frazier Park, CA
We throw knives, tomahawks, darts, throwing sticks, slings, bolas, etc. Pretty much whatever I've been able to get my hands on. Between my father my brothers and other friends we've got an OK sized club building. We've chosen the name the 'Highland Hurlers', due to our location and altitude as well as our tendancy to throw rather forcefully. Or as we say "Throw it like you mean it." If you have questions, or are interested in joining us, please email The Highland Hurlers.

HAKS (Houston Area Knife Stickers)
The HAKS are here to serve as a communications tool and promotional organization for our favorite past-time, knife throwing. We get together on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month to throw. If you have general questions about HAKS, or you are interested in joining us, please email us at Houston Area Knife Stickers.

IKTHOFA (International Knife Throwers
Hall of Fame Association)

The IKTHOFA's sole purpose is to establish standards for which knife throwers can be ranked. Never before have you been able to tell how good of a thrower you really are compared to the rest of the throwers in the world, but now you can! Sign up, and you will be able to test your skills and have your scores posted on the Internet for all to see!
Click Here for a membership form.

The IKTHOFA also provides a positive influence and professional service to itís membership. The association is dedicated to increasing the communication, education and recognition of all knife throwers. It has an open membership policy and is designed to service the varied needs and interests of members from all Knife Throwing styles.

Pennsylvania Pine Splitters
We have 14 members so far and looking to grow. We've been meeting as a group every Sunday for 3 hours, plus private sessions and lessons on other days. We primarily use my home range and are located between the towns of Coatesville and Parkesburg, PA. We hope to form a team and start competing this summer at the WWAC/IKTHOF tournament in NJ. If you'd like to join us for some fun, we'd love to have you! - Carolyn Larocque (610-857-9623).

PKT (Pacific Knife Throwers)
The Pacific Knife Throwers club is a not-for-profit club that promotes the ancient art of knife throwing in a safe, defined, nationally sanctioned tournament format.

AKTA (American Knife Throwers Alliance)
The purpose of the AKTA is to provide assistance and to offer guidelines to individuals and groups who may wish to organize for competitive sport in their local areas. Stated precisely, the American Knife Throwers Alliance is an association of American and International sportsmen dedicated to the practice and promotion of knife throwing as a sport, recreation and hobby. For more info contact:

Bobby Branton - National Director
Joe Darrah - National Tournament Director
Che Che White Cloud - Honorary National Director

RMKTA (Rocky Mountain
Knife and Tomahawk Alliance)

The mission of the RMKTA is to preserve, promote & educate people in knife throwing as a fun and safe family sport.

The San Diego Chuckers
A great place to learn from some of the best throwers and instructors around! I am happy to be able to call all of the members of this club my friends! They're all great people, who love to throw! (And I'm even an honorary member! :-)

The Society For Creative Anachronism
The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history. All persons interested in such study are invited to use these pages to obtain information about the SCA.

(The Barony of Dragon's Laire is a branch of the SCA. Inc. Check them out for more info!)

WKTG (World Knife Throwers Guild)

The International Knife Throwers Hall Of Fame
The Ultimate Recognition For Professional Knife Throwers! The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame will maintain an International registry of all Inductees into the Hall of Fame. The Worlds best Knife Throwers, Makers and Pioneers of Knife Throwing are currently members of our Hall of Fame with many new inductees to follow. Unlike some recognition organizations, Inductees are nominated and chosen by the Executive Board Members, who evaluate the candidates criteria and make the decision to either pass over or induct the candidate.

Texas State Knife and Tomahawk Championship
"This site includes information regarding the Cedar Creek Knife & Hawk Club (CCKH), it's members and the Texas State Knife & Tomahawk Championship."- Chuck 'Walking Eagle' Weems

Louisana Gator Tooth Throwing Club
"We are a small club of people that like to throw knifes, tomahawks or anything with a point. Looking for new members.
Wade Tucker
(318) 537-4425

Diablo Impalement Arts Group
We throw anything with a point on our 40 foot multiple target range. Throwing range is open noon til dark (Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun).
Events and competions coming soon.

(Part of the Diablo Rod and Gun Club)
4700 Evora Rd.
Concord, CA 94522
John Labash (925-709-9199)

New Mexico Tech Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Club (Socorro, NM)
Our mission is to promote knife and tomahawk throwing as a hobby and sport. We are a student club, but anyone can join. We meet every Sunday to throw sharp pointy things and usually have 2 or 3 lunch throwing sessions during the week. If you are interested in joining, please contact Talon Newton.

The Willow Creek Throwers (Breckenridge, MN)
My name is John Backowski. I live in Breckenridge, MN. Our club's name is The Willow Creek Throwers. An official summer schedule that includes 2 meetings a month will take place. We have decided to start out as more of a club rather than a league simply because the people interested in throwing are very new to the sport. We'd like for everyone to be acquainted with throwing, safety, and competition rules before participating in any official leagues. Once we are more established, we plan to throw to the AKTA standards for throws/meets following the AKTA rules. We are located in the upper midwest and hope to provide a place to throw and educate people about knife throwing as a sport. Any questions please contact John Backowski.

Knife Throwing Lists

A List is a tool that enables you to keep in contact with a bunch of people that all share the same interest. For instance, if I found a new way to build a target and wanted to share it with some other knife throwers... I just send out a message to the List and it automatically gets sent to everybody that has registered! It's a great way to share ideas, exchange tips, and meet other throwers in your area!

The Thrower List
A list about throwing weapons, for sport, survival, and self defense. We talk a lot about throwing knives as most of us are knife throwers, but any other sort of thrown weapon including axes and hatchets, spears, atlatl, boomerangs, bola, sticks, steel balls, and casting weapons like whips are also discussed.

The Blade Thrower List
A group of knife throwers dedicated to the art of instinctive knife throwing, involving two main types of throwing, one is the method of throwing the knife with no spin, and the other, of throwing the knife with a half spin. Both these methods are used for throwing knives from unmeasured distances. Multi spin throwing will also be discussed, but is not the main objective.

Upcoming Throwing Events

The following links contain information on upcoming knife throwing competitions held throughout the country.


Cedar Creek Knife and Hawk Club

The world's largest mountain man throwing event!

When: April 12th and 13th, 2014
Where: Malakoff, Texas.

All skill levels are welcome!
Cash prizes awarded in Pro division for both men and women.
Prizes for Amateur and Junior divisions.

Entry Fees:
$25 Knife and $25 Hawk for Professional Division
$15 Knife and $15 Hawk for Amateur Division
$10 Knife and $10 Hawk for Junior/Youth Divisions

Matches start at 9:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.
Located in Malakoff City Park on Hwy. 198 North, behind the Community Center.
Registration at 8:00 AM on Saturday, April 12. Must be registered by 8:30 AM.

Competition is open to public spectators. This is a mountain man throwing event and Pre-1840 dress is required of contestants.

For more information or any questions on rules, contact info, or pre-registration, please contact Chuck Weems of the Cedar Creek Knife and Hawk Club at (903) 681-5100.

(World Championship in Knife and Axe Throwing)

When: 21st-24th of August, 2014
Where: Callac-de-Bretagne, France

For more info check out:

2014 Northeast AKTA Open Tournament

When: May 17th and 18th, 2014
Where: 260 Leopard Rd, Berwyn, PA

Cost will be 30.00 for all events. There will be several types of throwing including games, Mt. Man event, an AKTA Sanctioned Tournament and also we will have some Whip Cracking and Blowgun events. All who attend will be required to sign a waiver. My good friend Michael Jordan AKA Rebel will pretty much be in charge of the event as I am on the road a lot.

So far we have people flying or driving in from CA., FL., GA., VA., MA., NY., OH. and several other places, the focus will be on Safety, Fun, Learning and Teaching with Safety being the most important!!!

If you've never attended a tournament or are just learning come learn from some pro's, there will be a few World Champions in attendance as well as the Legendary Che Che White Cloud and his lovely wife Nancy, unfortunately Master Amante (Mat) Marinas creator of Pananandata and author of 15 books will not be able to attend this year due to a back injury, hopefully The Dean of Knife Throwing Richard Dick Haineswill be able to make it again and I'm hoping Ryan Moowmaw will come and show off his incredible No Spin Style, Mr. Patrick Brewster Designer extraordinaire of Flying Steel will be in attendance and hopefully we can get Shirikami Master Jeffrey Adams to attend as well. I look forward to seeing old friends and making some new one's!!!

For rules and information please go to the AKTA web site ( and check everything out.

There will be some space available on site for camping which you can come set up as early as the Thursday before the event. And there are a bunch of hotels nearby, if you are coming and need to make hotel arrangements look in the 19312 zip code area or King Of Prussia, PA. area, zip code 19406 which is about 10 minutes away.

The actual address of the throw will be 260 Leopard Rd. Berwyn, PA. 19312. This is about 15 minutes from the Valley Forge exit of the PA. Turnpike (exit 326). It should be a good time with friends we don't see that often... All are welcome!

Please contact me with any questions or comments. (Anyone wishing to donate prizes for the event feel free to contact me.)

Joseph Darrah
AKTA National Tournament Director
(610) 247-8107


When: September 22nd and 23rd, 2014.
Where: Hawkins, Texas

Located a quarter mile from Hawkins on FM 14.

For more info call: 903-769-4845 OR 903-769-4322


The Dr. Ted Eisenberg International
Gold Cup Tomahawk Competition

The Bob Karp Master of the Blade
International Gold Cup Knife Competition

And The 13th Annual Rick Lemberg / Mike Alamo Bainton IKTHOF International Conventional Knife and Tomahawk World Championships

(And The IKTHOF World Championship Knife and Hawk Games)

When: November 7th, 8th and 9th, 2014.
Where: Blanco, Texas

Dear Participant:
We are pleased to announce the Thirteenth Annual Knife and Tomahawk Throwing World Championships on the grounds of the Carriage Hills Ranch in Blanco, Texas. You and your guests are hereby cordially invited to participate and/or attend our World Championship event on the 7th, 8th and 9th, 2014.

Friday Morning at 9 a.m. the 7th of November, 2014 we will be holding the Eleventh annual Bob 'Master of the Blade' Karp Gold Cup event for knife throwing.

Friday Afternoon at 1 p.m. the 7th of November 2014 we will be holding the third annual Dr. Ted Eisenberg Gold Cup event for tomahawk throwing.

On Friday evening at 6 p.m. there will be a social meet and greet for all competitors on the grounds of the Carriage Hills ranch Blanco Texas.

Saturday morning at 9 a.m. the 8th of November 2014 we will be holding the 13th annual World Championship knife throwing competition on the grounds the Carriage Hills Ranch in Blanco, Texas.

Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. the 8th of November 2014 we will be holding the 13th annual World Championship Tomahawk throwing competition on the grounds of the Carriage Hills Ranch in Blanco, Texas.

Saturday evening at 6 p.m. we will be conducting the Ceremony for both the Bob 'Master of the Blade' Karp, Gold Cup Knife award and the Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Gold Cup Tomahawk award. The 2014 Knife World Champion and the 2014 Tomahawk World Champion will also be announced at the award ceremony.

Sunday morning at 9 a.m. the 9th of November 2014 we will be holding the following Knife and hawk throwing World Championship Games.

1. The Knife Fast Draw
2. The Silhouette Knife Throw around a mannequin
3. The Knife Speed Throw.
4. The Texas Three Step.
5. The long Distance Knife Throw
6. The Long Distance Tomahawk Throw

Sunday afternoon at the conclusion of the Frontiersman games the 9th of November 2014 the award ceremony for the IKTHOF World Championship games will be held. This will conclude our World Championship event

Sincerely, Michael J Bainton Ph.D.

Past Events
Click this link to see a listing of events that have already taken place.

If you have a club or event you would like listed just send your info to:
Scott Gracia

Any comments, ideas or quality pictures pertaining to throwing weapons or the content of this site are greatly appreciated! Please send them to: Scott Gracia

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