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Knife Throwing 101 - The Jack Dagger Method Instructional DVD

By World Champion and Professional Knife Thrower; Jack Dagger. "You got some great moves, kid." - Adam Sandler to Jack Dagger after working together on You Don't Mess with the Zohan.


Dear friend,

Jack Dagger is Hollywood's go-to guy for knife throwing instruction and performance. He's a Champion Speed and Tomahawk thrower and was given the National Knife Throwing Entertainer of the Year Award 3 times. Get ready for the DVD that teaches you what you need to know to throw like a pro!

Learn what 4 steps make up the simplest, most effective throwing system ever! Find out what the Seven [most] Frequently Encountered Problems (FEPs) are and how to avoid and fix them.

Competition throwing, target and backboard construction and proper knife selection are also covered.

Keep reading to find out how you can be part of the fastest growing target sport in the world! And you'll even get to see part of Jack Dagger’s professional act!

The Secrets of Knife Throwing Revealed - "It's Simple!"

If you want to learn the insider SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS that the pros use to hit their mark every time, at any distance, then Jack Dagger's "Knife Throwing 101" is for you.

According to Jack there are only 2 reasons a knife doesn't stick. It either over rotates or it under rotates. Learn the 7 [most] Frequently Encountered Problems (FEP's) of over spinning and different methods of correcting them. You'll also learn the 2 reasons your knife will hit the target under spun, either from 'over gripping' the knife or 'soft pawing' it.

Jack teaches knife throwing as a fun, safe and confidence-building exercise for students of all ages. This video will guide you step-by-step, from choosing a throwing knife, through the basics that will get you hitting the target, to the details that will help you fine tune your throwing to gain consistency and accuracy from any distance.

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"Step right up and get your copy soon they are "Flying" out the door at record speed! If there is one goal you want to "stick" to this year pick up a copy and you will reach your goal in record time!"

James Jw Wiseman
Cypress, TX
You'll see unbelievable knife throwing stunts

The intro to the video shows Jack Dagger performing some of his dangerous stunt throws! Like throwing into a hand held target, outlining his beautiful assistant, the flower cut and even The Jack Knife - Cucumber Slice! (He cuts a cucumber in half while its resting on his assistants forearm! No tricks or gimmicks!)

You've just got to see it to believe it!


" Very user friendly. Chris was uber inspired to go out and try it. If we weren't in the starving artist business he'd probably be slinging knives as we speak. You've got fantastic public speaking skills and I imagine you'll be an amazing father one day because your teaching methods are superb. You come across as wise, gentle, personable and funny.

I imagine anyone could pick up this dvd and go out right away to start practicing. Easy to follow. Never even remotely confusing. Clear concise instructions and it wasn't too long. Over all, loved it, and laughed a lot. If I had sharp pointy stuff I'd be up in the hills slinging instead of typing right now.

Tess Fowler,
Here are just a few of the throwing secrets, tips and tricks you'll learn from watching this DVD:

The simplest, most effective throwing system ever

Learn the easiest to remember grip, stance, wind up and delivery

Safety tips to ensure the protection of you, your family and friends

Learn different targets to construct and backboard designs

Learn the advantages of the hand shake grip

How to adjust for more accurate and successful throwing

Competition Throwing

The Seven [most] Frequently Encountered Problems (FEPs)

Target Construction and Knife Selection

2 ways of mounting your targets

Follow these simple tips and techniques and you will be sticking more knives

Ways to correct the most common throwing mistakes

Several professional stunts including outlining an assistant, the balloon pop, and cutting a flower from an assistants mouth

And we can't forget about the most amazing stunt of all... The Jack Knife - Cucumber Slice (as seen on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien) which only Jack can do!

All with a full year, 100% money-back guarantee!

"Very thorough and fun!"

"Very thorough and fun! The best knife throwing instructional video I have seen to date. Highly recommend it!"

Michael Gross,
Springfield, MA
For a limited time you can get Knife Throwing 101
- The Jack Dagger Method for only $24.95
That's nearly 30% off the regular price!

The regular price of Mr Dagger's DVD is $34.95. But for a limited time we are offering it for a discounted price of only $24.95.

Is enjoying your free time worth $24.95? To put it into perspective, the price of this instructional DVD is less than the price of dinner for two at an inexpensive restaurant.

While it costs slightly more than your average music CD or video, the fun that you, your friends and family will have continues on and on after that! It's a DVD that you'll watch over and over again getting something new out of it every time, and that's value! Think about it in terms of the potential for you, your friends and your family to have fun.

Its a great hobby to get involved in. Its mildly aerobic, a great way to relieve stress, its a fantastic way to spend time with your friends and family... and its just plain fun!!!
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