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If You're Ready For Some "Advanced Techniques"
You've Come to the Right Place!!!

JB Video Once Again John Bailey tells all.
In his first video (Recreational Knife Throwing - Part I), Mr. Bailey taught you all the basics of how to throw. His latest video is the sequel and it covers more of the "Advanced Techniques" of throwing.

Like rules and regulations for competing in different clubs and events, unconventional throwing styles and grips, and a bunch of tricks, toys and other "sticky things".

There are even tips on starting your own impalement act, and the types of skills needed for doing throwing stunts for tv and movies.

And you'll learn all of this from the world-renowned knife throwing master; John L. Bailey.

The video starts out with a great introduction and "behind the scenes" look at John Bailey. It talks about how and where he learned to throw, and also mentions some of his influences from over the years.

You'll learn about competing in national knife and hawk throwing competitions.

Find out the different rules and events depending on which club tournament you decide to go to. And then be prepared when you get there!

There's nothing worse than practicing throwing 1 spin from 11.5 feet, and then getting to the event and finding out the minimum distance is 12 feet. Be prepared!

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My tape has the tips that will show how to throw everything from bayonets to scissors.

John Bailey's method is the EASIEST WAY to learn. Your EYES do all the work. If you can throw a baseball, you can learn what it takes to throw and stick a knife.

You will see knives and other paraphernalia, which can and HAS been used, in the entertainment field for special effect. You will also learn unusual and trick throws, that will WOW the socks off your friends. There are also many kinds of targets on this video. From bullseyes to watermelons!

NOW is the time to learn to throw. You're never to old!

From Boy Scout Troops to retired businessmen. This sport has something for everyone. Whether your goal is to throw knives for fun, or start a new side business, you'll get tips from someone who has been doing it for most of his life.

With over 40 years of knife throwing experience including, Ranger Jungle Warfare Training with the 199th Light Fighters, you know you're going to discover the very best techniques for distance throwing and dead-on accuracy.

Here are just a few of the throwing secrets, tips and tricks you'll learn:
  • Safety tips to ensure the protection of you, your family, friends, and audience

  • Learn 5 new throws like "The Bailey Back-Spin" or "The Bob Karp Palm Throw

  • 11 separate demonstrations

  • Slow-motion and stop-frame video effects to show you the step-by-step knife flowing action

  • You'll see all sorts of fruit and vegetables being massacred

  • How to correct the most common problem - "Side Arming"

  • How to choose the best knives depending on the situation

  • What makes a good stage knife

  • Half a dozen other things to throw besides knives

  • No counting spins, or hard to learn spin control

  • Which throwers are best for longer distance throwing

  • Learn other grips, stances and throws for WOWING the socks off your friends

  • All with a full year, 100% money-back guarantee!

JB Video
Recreational Knife Throwing Video -

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