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Recreational Knife Throwing Video Part I
Now you can learn how to throw like a pro -- faster than you ever thought possible. In just a few days, you could be throwing, and sticking, knives, axes, spikes, bayonets, or anything else with a point on it, thanks to the. . .

Recreational Knife Throwing Video

By the world-renowned knife throwing master; John L. Bailey.

Dear friend,

If you want to learn the insider SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS that the masters use to hit their mark every time, at any distance, then John Bailey's Recreational Knife Throwing Video is for you.

With over 40 years of knife throwing experience including, Ranger Jungle Warfare Training with the 199th Light Fighters, you know you're going to discover the very best techniques for distance throwing and dead-on accuracy.

You'll learn the simple techniques for throwing a knife like a pro in just 7 days -- or your money back!

In just a few days, you'll be learning the same power method that John has taught to thousands of people around the world, from Army Rangers to Christian boy's clubs.

For a limited time, you can have the ultimate knife throwing video for only $19.95. By acting now, you'll save 33% off the regular price of $29.95.

How many times have you seen a guy in a movie make a throw with a knife that just looks unreal? Was it a trick? Did he really do it?

Well...I am sorry to say a lot of what you see on the screen is pure, "writer fantasy and fancy."

But cheer up! This video will show you more than enough to WOW THE SOCKS OFF OF YOUR FRIENDS.

Each section of the tape has the tips that will show you how to throw everything from bayonets to scissors.

"Excellent video, Scott.

I learned more in one hour from John Bailey's video than I learned since I started throwing over a year ago. He's right about learning bad habits. This video will definitely start you out on the right track.

If anybody wants to stick a whole lot more knives . . . get this video!"

Ed Abrigo
Jersey City, NJ
Learning how to throw like a pro doesn't have to be difficult

John Bailey's method is the EASIEST WAY to learn. Your EYES do all the work. If you can throw a baseball, you can learn what it takes to throw and stick a knife from four feet to an AWESOME Eighty-Three Feet.

The reason most new throwers have such a hard time gaining the skills of the masters, is because of BAD HABITS. Once they learn those bad habits, they are very difficult to break.

The reason most new throwers have such a hard time gaining the skills of the masters, is because of BAD HABITS. Once they learn those bad habits, they are very difficult to break.

With John Bailey's master throwing video, you'll start off on the right foot, by learning the GOOD HABITS needed to throw like a pro. You'll learn the RIGHT WAY, the EASY WAY, the FAST WAY.

You'll see knife throwing shots never seen before on tape!

Using state of the art DIGITAL cameras; dozens of knives were shot in slow motion strobe and stop frame action, showing all the SECRET TIPS AND TRICKS to sticking a knife-- the first time, every time.

You won't find any SPIN COUNTING, or HARD TO LEARN SPIN CONTROL or any other stuff that takes your mind off having fun!

Scott, "Before I got the video, I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting any better. After just a few minutes, John Bailey made it clear. I had been spending all of my time practicing BAD HABITS. I was never going to get any better by making the same mistakes over and over again.

Thanks to this video I now know exactly what I need to do to really improve my throws. I've already gotten a lot better after just 1 week!"


Lance Flanagan,
Boulder City, NV
Here are just a few of the throwing secrets, tips and tricks you'll learn from the John Bailey, "Throw Like a Pro" Method:

Safety tips to ensure the protection of you, your family and friends

How to make 9 inexpensive target designs from materials around your home

11 separate demonstrations

Slow-motion and stop-frame video effects to show you the step-by-step knife flowing action

You'll learn the Point-of-Impact method guaranteeing a straight and perfect stick on every throw

You'll learn how to throw everything from letter openers to darning needles

How to choose the best thrower(s) for you

The number one secret to cut through the air like it's not there -- for longer distance

Just follow the simple tips and techniques and your skill will improve automatically

No difficult, boring routines to practice

No counting spins, or hard to learn spin control

Which throwers are best for longer distance throwing
Eliminate this common error in knife throwing, and your throwers will travel farther and more accurately

Learn the most effective master grips, stances and throws for throwing like a pro

All with a full year, 100% money-back guarantee!

To Mr. Throwzini,

"I was almost ready to chuck my knives in the lake. My friends were getting tired of ducking all my ricochets and helping me look for lost knives.

Finally I am learning the right way to throw. Bailey's tips are easy to follow, and they make a big difference. Throwing just got a lot more fun."

Mike Pisanto
Alpena, MI
For a limited time you can get
Recreational Knife Throwing Video
for only $19.95
That's 33% off the regular price!

The regular price of John Bailey's Recreational Knife Throwing Video is only $29.95. But for a limited time we are offering it for a discounted price of only $19.95.

Is enjoying your free time worth $19.95? To put it into perspective, the price of the Recreational Knife Throwing Video is less than the price of dinner for two at an inexpensive restaurant.

It's almost the same price of just one music CD or video. Think about it in terms of the potential for you, your friends and your family to have fun.

Its a great hobby to get involved in. Its mildly aerobic, a great way to relieve stress, its a fantastic way to spend time with your friends and family... and its just plain fun!!!

"The best thing I ever did to help myself get into knife throwing and help my friends get good within a short time, was to buy the video, "Recreational Knife Throwing" by John Bailey.

John Bailey's video over delivers. He makes everything simple!"

Carl Geddes
San Diego, CA

Our No-Strings, One-Year, Money-Back Guarantee

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Join the thousands of throwers who already have this Recreational Knife Throwing Video and start having fun in your backyard today!

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Recreational Knife Throwing Video - Part I

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