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The NEW 13.5" Professional Target Knife!
Made by Dragon Knives

Pro Target Dragons At Last! John Goss has done it!
John Goss, owner and creator of Dragon Knives, is at it again!

He took the original Dragon Knife design, which was a blade thrower, and improved it!

By widening the end of the blade and giving it a "Hyper-Tip", he has turned it into a truly awesome handle thrower!

These are the NEWEST throwers from Dragon Knives. They measure 13 1/2" long x 1 13/16" at their widest point, and 3/16" thick!
They weigh 12 3/4 oz. each!

Pro Target Dragons

The only thrower available with the NEW "Hyper-Tip" design

The "Hyper-Tip" is a sharp, narrow point on the end of the blade. This tip gives you an instant 1/2" of penetration into your target.

This feature alone will improve the amount of knives you stick.

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These knives are the perfect weight for maximum penetration, and the perfect length for maximum control.

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Why These Knives Are Guaranteed to
Last a Lifetime

It takes about 14 hours from start to finish to complete 1 Dragon Knife. These knives go through a 3 step tempering process:

The 1st step in the tempering process, is to harden the knives to their max.

This first "baking" of the knives aligns the carbon fibers in the steel, making it harder. (If you stopped at this point your knives would be too brittle. They would break for sure).

The 2nd time in the oven, the knives are Baked Under 11 Tons of Pressure!

Sometimes the steel likes to twist or bend from the high temperatures in the oven. To guarantee a perfectly straight thrower, the knives are stacked in piles of 100, compressed under 11 tons of pressure, and then baked again.

The 3rd and final step brings the knives to exactly 45 Rockwell.

45 Rockwell is the perfect hardness for a thrower. If it were any harder it would break. If it were any softer it would bend.

Pro Target Dragons

Here are just a few reasons why these knives are better than the cheaper "floater" knives being sold:
  • The Pro Target Dragons are heavier so they can be thrown farther without losing direction from wind resistance. Cheaper "floaters" tend to float away from the point of aim

  • The Pro Target Dragons are stronger. "Floaters" can bend, crack and even break after some abuse. The Dragons are virtually indestructible!

  • The Pro Target Dragons are longer. This gives you more control of your knife because there is more knife to hold on to

  • The Pro Target Dragons have more penetrating power due to their weight. So you will automatically stick more knives

  • The Pro Dragon Knives can be "lobbed" at the target and they will have no problem sticking. This makes a 3 hr. throwing session possible and saves lots of unnecessary "wear-and-tear" on your shoulder. Many "floaters" aren't heavy enough to cut through the air which means you have to throw them harder

  • All with a money-back guarantee

dragon throwing knives
Only $34.95
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Here's what you'll get:

First thrower with the NEW "Hyper-Tip" design

Stronger, heavier, and longer than the cheaper "floaters" on the market

3 step tempering process for "diamond" hard throwers

Baked under 11 tons of pressure

Made from "AS86 Steel" (120 times stronger than normal steel!)

Made in USA

Cool screen printed logo

Laser cut by professionals

Easy grip handle ensures a consistent grip and release

21 degree angle grind for a sharp look
Made to throw 1 turn from 12'

Perfect knife for tournament throwing

Money-back guarantee