The Great Throwzini
knife throwing
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The Throwzini Throwers!
Designed by Joe "Brokenfeather" Darrah

Throwzini Throwing Knife A Truly Awesome Handle or Blade Thrower! This is the 14" Throwzini Throwing Knife. It was designed so you can use the same grip whether you're holding it by the blade for "half" spins, or the handle for throwing "full" spins.

This is very important because to be an effective thrower, you want to be as consistent as possible everytime you throw. Being able to use your favorite grip on either end is a tremendous benefit since even a minor variation in grip can affect the rate of spin or how the knife "flies" as it leaves your hand.

Some people must change their grip entirely and some even have to use different knife designs all together when throwing "full" compared to "half" spins, so this design is a fantastic one. You won't have to worry about learning a new grip to throw these, just pick them up from either end and let the fun begin!

We decided to leave these knives in a "raw" or unfinished state. Not only does this give the knife an entirely different feel as it slides out of your hand, but we think it adds a bit of character to the blade as well.

Since we are talking about "unfinished" steel, you should follow 2 very simple rules after throwing your knives. Wipe them down and oil them. When you are finished throwing them, just get a rag or scotch brite pad and clean off any dirt you see. The oil from your hands can also cause rust so before storing your knives for any period of time, be sure to wipe them down and then apply a light coat of oil using any rag and "3-in-1" oil. You may also use a "silicone impregnated rod and reel cloth" available for a few bucks at most gun and knife dealers

These simple steps will only take a few seconds and will ensure a rust free throwing knife that will last you a lifetime.

14 inch throwzini throwing knife

A hand ground edge helps to prolong the life of your knife!

These knives were cut by a water jet cutter in Pennsylvania. That gave us the basic shape of the knife. Then all of the edges were rounded and polished by hand. This was done for a couple of reasons. If an edge is "square" (lets say on the handle for instance) it can be a bit uncomfortable as the knife leaves your hand. You never want a square or sharp edge on a throwing knife, you want a rounded, smooth edge. The rounded/smooth edge accomplishes two things: It makes the knife more comfortable to release and it also saves your handles from being damaged by other thrown knives.

Lets say you've thrown 4 knives into the same 16" target from 18 feet (about 2 spins). The chance of you throwing your 5th knife and hitting one of the knives already in the target is pretty high. Imagine a knife doing 25-35mph right into one of your handles! CLANG!!! With a square edge the handle tends to "catch" the incoming knife as it comes down and you end up getting sharp pieces of steel (aka burrs) sticking out of your handle. (This is a bad thing even though it is easily fixed with a file.) If you miss the burr just once before you throw you're going to feel it deep in your hand!

Now if the knife has rounded edges, the incoming knives don't "stick" as much when they collide. Instead they tend to slide off of the knife without doing as much damage. By the way, I always recommend throwing 1 knife at each target then you don't have to worry about this problem. But if you're like me, you'll throw 20-30 knives at the same target and still think you can squeeze another one into the bullseye... CLANG! :-)

Why These Knives Are Guaranteed to
Last a Lifetime

The steel used to make these knives is called "L6" steel. To give you a quick idea of how tough this steel is, it's the same steel used to make the saw blades that cut giant timber and concrete for large companies. These companies knew that there would be people working all around those blades as they were being used so they had to have a steel that would not fly apart or explode after repeated use. I figured if L6 was tough enough for those guys... it should be just fine for my throwing knives.

This design measures 14" in length. Thats plenty of length to give you complete control and maximum penetrating power! You won't have to worry about these knives falling out of your target or "floating" away from the point of aim because they are too light and got "caught" in the wind.

For a limited time, you can buy these amazing throwers for only $27.95 each. Order 4 knives and get the 5th knife absolutely FREE!!!

Although they can be thrown by the handle or the blade, I prefer to throw them by the blade. They just feel great as they leave my hand! I throw a 1/2 spin from 8 feet, 1 1/2 spins from around 15 feet and 2 1/2 spins is 21-22 feet. - S. Gracia

throwzini throwing knife blade

Here are just a few reasons why these knives are better than the cheaper "floater" knives being sold:
  • Throwzini Throwers are heavier so they can be thrown farther without losing direction from wind resistance. Cheaper "floaters" tend to float away from the point of aim

  • The Throwzini knives are stronger. "Floaters" can bend, crack and even break after some abuse. These knives are virtually indestructible!

  • The Throwzini Throwers are longer. This gives you more control of your knife because there is more knife to hold on to

  • The Throwzini Throwers have more penetrating power due to their weight and the tip design. You will automatically stick more knives

  • The Throwzini Throwing Knives can be "lobbed" at the target and they will have no problem sticking. This makes a 3 hour throwing session possible and saves lots of unnecessary "wear-and-tear" on your shoulder. Many "floaters" aren't heavy enough to cut through the air which means you have to throw them harder

  • All with a money-back guarantee

throwzini throwing knife
Only $27.95
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Here's what you'll get:

Perfect knife for throwing by the blade or handle

Stronger, heavier, and longer than the cheaper "floaters" on the market

Hand ground by a professional knife thrower

Made from "L6 Steel" (same steel used to cut concrete)

Made in USA

Rounded handles deflect other knives and save your edges
Cut by professionals using a Water Jet

Easy grip handle ensures a consistent grip and release

Angle grind for a sharp look

Money-back guarantee